Arty and Emma on ‘Thryst’ Pronunciation

This is Arty. Dwarf-finder Arty. Friend-rescuer Arty, Gwyllion-fighter Arty. And Summertime Arty, because it is Summer. Usually Summertime Arty has projects – microscope stuff, internet stuff – but this year is different because the fairy creature war left behind a lot of unanswered questions, a lot of mysterious answers, and a lot of spare clues.

This has nothing to do with that, but I wanted to clear something else up.

When we were at Eastward Manor, and were taking turns slumping into the giant crunchy chairs as our folky friend-beings were pairing up and spiriting away to their homeland, Emma and Mary were already reading over my notes – Emma shaking her head and faking yawns, and Mary with a big smile. Emma began to speak, reciting something from the notes, but Mary quickly put a hand over Emma’s mouth.

“Ooommm…..mokay.” Emma said, nodding, as Mary slowly removed her hand. “How did you know how to spell these?” Emma then asked me.

“The spells? I looked them up.” I answered.

“Spell the spells…” Cry said, coming over with Ted.

“What about the Dwarven words and language?” Mary asked.

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