Gigi Marplot

The Spells

Besides the “Dwarfspeak,” there are a few other interesting parts of the composition of the book where I wonder how much my great-grandfather did versus what he was given, or found, or otherwise collected and came to send the original pages of the Dwarf Story. I asked him once about the incantations (the “counterspells”) that …

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It’s like an epilogue, but I tell it, and tell it now that all the excitement has died down.While finishing my cycle of drawings, and all my journal entries on the Fairy Battle – it took weeks – I read a lot of folktales from the old days, the ones that Arty’s books listed and …

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Arty and Emma on ‘Thryst’ Pronunciation

This is Arty. Dwarf-finder Arty. Friend-rescuer Arty, Gwyllion-fighter Arty. And Summertime Arty, because it is Summer. Usually Summertime Arty has projects – microscope stuff, internet stuff – but this year is different because the fairy creature war left behind a lot of unanswered questions, a lot of mysterious answers, and a lot of spare clues. …

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